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Many of us have heard the expression about lifting ones self up by the "boot straps". The story of men such asAndrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and John D.Rockefeller inspired a century of other men and women to strive to make a mark in society creating new business and social connections rising the lifestyle of all and benefiting those risk takers with the spoils of success. New technology has brought new types of enterprise that have dwarfed some of the tried and true of yesterday. Look at for instance Google and Facebook. Through it all real estate has still created a fortune for the people out there who study and take the time to invest, even in these times of recession. Today real estate has gone virtual with business being done in cyber space in worlds such as second life, kaneva, worldofwarcraft of course someone had to be there. With the internet and the world wide web (www) we have a chance to expand business in so many ways, why by golly there just has to be financial success just around the next turn. We will look for it from the comic books, to the online world to the biographies of those past and present and to video and media which helps to guide us on our search. It is going to be quite a ride. Some people say they know the way. Let's watch Mr. Ken Fisher's video based on his book The 10 Roads to Riches and get the ride started.



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